The letter makes no sense without the number

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We often hear the same bra talks in the medias or among friends:

 » – But an E-cup is huge!

– What’s a D-cup like? Is it the size of my hand?

– No but I got small boobs, they can’t be more than a B cup.  »

And yet the first rule about bra fitting is: the letter (aka the cup) makes no sense without the number (aka the back measurement).

To put it simply, saying that you’re a C-cup gives absolutely no indication about the size of your breasts, if you don’t also disclose your back measurement (for example, 36).

It’s because cups do not match a certain breast size and that’s it. They are proportionated to the back measurement of the person who wears them. The cup of a 34D bra will be smaller than the cup of the same bra in size 40D. The cup gets bigger as the back size increases.

So, in fact, a F-cup can be smaller than a D-cup… If you compare two girls wearing a 32F bra and a 38D bra!

Amazing, isn’t it?

The pictures say it better – here they are!


MUA: Justine Gallien ( et

Photographer: David Rakotomanga

Concept: Viksen (

A big thanks to our wonderful models who helped us summarize a key lingerie concept in a few pictures!

Groupe D def

Flora uk def

Mathilde UK def

Nono uk def

Groupe E uk def

Camille def uk

Carole uk def

Christelle uk def

Groupe f uk def

Sophie uk def

Christelle def uk

Tina uk def

Groupe G uk def

Aurelie uk def

Sara uk def

Viri def ul

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