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It was love at first sight for us at Viksen, when we first heard of the lovely Audrey! A daring style, lots of colours, different proportions, with a little retro touch: since 2009, Audrey has been writing the blog Big or not to Big with a real talent, and shares with us her inspirations and her fashion sense. She agreed to answer our questions and to talk about lingerie with us!


Since when have you been writing your blog? What started it?

My blog was launched in May 2009. It’s because I discovered other fashion blogs that I decided to create my own space.

Back then, I wore what I found and not what I really liked. When I discovered the incredible world of blogs and online shopping, which finally offered clothes I liked in my size, I completely re-did my wardrobe and that’s when I started my blog.

What did this blog change in your daily life and more globally?

Since I started my blog, I changed a lot style-wise. My blog enabled me to assess what I liked, and it’s an amazing « lab » that allows me to play with fashion, to test a lot of things and in the end to be much more daring! My wardrobe, that used to be very dark before, is now a real rainbow…

My blog has also allowed me to meet incredible people since I started it, either by getting to know my readers better (one of the most important aspects in my opinion), or by participating in great events. My blog also makes me discover lots of things and I now follow closely the evolution of plus-size fashion… It’s been really wonderful!


If you had to pick your 3 favorite pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, what would they be?

Without hesitation:

– My perfecto, which is kind of THE cornerstone of my wardrobe, I wear it all the time…

– My trench with a liberty-pattern inside; I love liberty!

– My Mickey Mouse stilettos, they are one of the little treasures of my wardrobe, and I can’t stop loving them!

How would you like to see the world of plus-size fashion evolve in the years to come? In terms of design, of sizes, of ways to purchase these products, of pieces of clothing which are for now how to find? 

I admit that I usually find what I like online, nevertheless I would like to shop in « real » shops and find my size there all the time…

The ultimate dream would be to see in standard clothes racks (online or in brick-and-mortar shops) size ranges extended to plus-size, so I could always find something I like.

Even if there is, in my opinion, a real progression of plus size fashion, not being confined to « special » ranges would be a huge improvement!


Do you like lingerie? Do you buy it often? Do you consider it a pleasure or more a “duty”? 

Before, I used to buy lingerie for practical reasons, but now I really enjoy mixing and matching like I do with my clothes!

Now I regularly buy lingerie, usually more colorful sets…

Have you had your measurements taken already? Do you usually feel at ease in your bras?

I admit I’ve never been measured, but I’ve taken my measurements myself.

Generally, I feel pretty good in my bras, even if, between two bras with identical sizes but different styles, there are big differences in the support they give…


What bra and bottom shapes do you prefer? 

Regarding bras, I like styles that cover a bit (but not to much :D), because they usually offer me more support.

I sometimes fall for some plunge styles, but they need to fit perfectly to avoid any spillage!

For bottoms, I really prefer shorties or nice briefs… I find thongs really uncomfortable so I never wear them 🙂


Do you sometimes wear shaping lingerie?

I admit I sometimes wear shaping lingerie when I wear really tight-fitting clothes (pencil skirt, figure-hugging dress…) It can be a high-waisted brief or a Spanx.

I personnally think it’s really efficient to « smooth » and reshape a bit, and I don’t find it really uncomfortable. In my opinion, you can’t expect to have for example a really flat tummy, but I find it comes handy to compliment certain clothes…


What is a good pair of tights in your opinion? 

A good pair of tights, for me, is a pair that goes all the way up, stays put and doesn’t roll under the tummy (and ends up at your feet…) and doesn’t make rolls on the ankles (what I call « granny rolls »!)

Regarding tights, in addition to my basic black opaque tights, I like to play with patterns (dots, stars, flowers etc…) and colours! I think it’s an easy way to make an outfit sparkle, so I don’t hesitate!

But I never wear stockings, I’ve never really tried, maybe because I fear it won’t be convenient…

Have you already tried on a corset?

Even if I find some of them really beautiful, I’ve never worn a corset! I should try someday…


If you could design yourself three lingerie pieces, what would they be? 

If I had the opportunity to design three pieces of lingerie, it would be:

– A nice romantic summer pyjama, with a little shorty bloomer and a little top, with a light material, dots, little bows…

– A high waisted brief retro and sexy, with for example a bit of transparence…

– Tights with a pattern, like fake tattoos, flowers etc…


This summer, will you be rocking a bikini or a one-piece suit? 

This summer, I wil wear a one-piece 🙂

I already have some nice ones at home… I’m more at ease in a one-piece, and now we can choose lovely swimsuits, so I fully intend to enjoy the beach this summer!

What would like to see at Viksen in the future? 

Regarding products and brands, I think Viksen has had a good start with a nice choice of styles… In the future, I can only wish for more brands and products, and I don’t think I’ll be disappointed! 😉


(we can confirm!) 

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