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An amazing fashion sense, colours, beauty and make-up reviews, a strong personnality: Letizia from Belgium has been writing since 2008 Le Blog de Letilor, where she tackles various subjects she feels strongly about. At Viksen, we have been following her for some time et we love her different styles, quirky, romantic ou rockish. She agreed to answer our questions and to talk about lingerie with us!

Since when have you been writing your blog? What started it?

My blog exists since 2008. At the beginning, it was a blog for all kinds of stuff, without any particular goal except sharing things I liked. Then it became a fashion blog, and now a fashion/beauty blog.

What did this blog change in your daily life and more globally?

In my daily life, nothing has really changed, except that my blog takes time, a lot of time, a bit every day and then on the week-ends. But I take pleasure doing it, so it doesn’t matter, it is the opposite really, it’s too bad I don’t have much time to do things blog-related.

Then, of course, there are meetings and interactions with the readers and other bloggers from all over the world. It also means I’m part of communities, Belgian bloggers, fashion bloggers, plus-size bloggers. It enables me to talk with people who share the same interests, the same passion, etc.

If you had to pick your 3 favorite pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, what would they be?

It’s impossible for me to choose, I have too many clothes!

How would you like to see the world of plus-size fashion evolve in the years to come? In terms of design, of sizes, of ways to purchase these products, of pieces of clothing which are for now how to find? 

I personnally shop a lot online, and I’m happy with what I find. Honestly, compared to the situation five or ten years ago, it’s now much better and it will improve some more regarding the choice of styles or the range of sizes, in my opinion.

I just think it’s too bad that stores or brands make a difference between « normal » sizes and plus-size, regarding style, range of sizes or even price. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any difference in fashion, but I doubt it will happen someday, even if we’re very slowly getting there. More brick-and-mortar plus-size shops, and not more e-shops, would be great as well. Regarding sizes, I know that people over a size 54 (approximately a 24UK) have a hard time finding nice stuff (online or in real shops) regardless of their age and style. It’s almost discriminating and it’s sad, they shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s also true for the other end of the scope: very thin girls which cannot find suitable clothes. Very fat, very thin, it’s the same in the end!

Do you like lingerie? Do you buy it often? Do you consider it a pleasure or more a “duty”? 

I like lingerie but I’m not really interested by it, I don’t buy it regularly. It’s rather rare, in fact. When I do buy it, it’s either because I need it (like a strapless bra), or either because I fell in love with the style, or either it’s a lingerie set from a special collection which I really like. I don’t buy lace or more sexy things; for me, it’s classic and I’m more looking for comfort and practical sets.

Have you had your measurements taken already? Do you usually feel at ease in your bras? 

Yes, I’ve taken my measurements already, but I’ve also been to lingerie shops where the shopkeeper does it herself. Yes, I do feel good in my lingerie, and when I don’t anymore, I check my size and buy some new one. I find it very important to know your right size, and I recommend you go to a specialized shop, because shopkeepers there really know their job. But it’s also important to know how to take your measurements, especially when you buy online.

What bra and bottom shapes do you prefer? 

I like balconnettes or padded bras, and for matching bottoms, briefs or shorties.

Do you sometimes wear shaping lingerie?

I hate high-waisted panties, but I sometimes wear them depending on the outfit I feel like wearing. The same goes for shaping panties. It’s useful under tight-fitting clothes to get a harmonious silhouette and no bumps because of the fat rolls. And when they’re in the right size, of course they work!

What is a good pair of tights in your opinion? 

A good pair of tights is comfortable and doesn’t move. I like all sorts of tights, classic, black, more or less see-through, with colours, with patterns, it doesn’t matter. I have worn stockings but not anymore. I still have some just in case.

Have you already tried on a corset?

Yes, I have some in my wardrobe.

If you could design yourself three lingerie pieces, what would they be? 

I would design a lingerie set, I had never thought to design tights but it would be nice, and then I don’t know. I think I would rather stick to the lingerie set.

This summer, will you be rocking a bikini or a one-piece suit? 

I have both, so it doesn’t matter! I still have a preference for tankinis. But I’m actually scared of water, so I almost never go to the beach or to the swimming pool.

What would like to see at Viksen in the future? 

Spanx, and Lane Bryant Cacique. Unless I’m mistaken, nobody in France carries those two brands, and they are essential for me. I buy them on foreign websites or on Ebay, I couldn’t do without them. But I saw that Viksen carries some Monif C swimsuits, and I think they are awesome, even if really expensive. I think it’s great you have a few pieces of the website.

(We would just like to add: Spanx refuses for now to be distributed in France… It’s not that we haven’t tried! Regarding Cacique, it’s indeed a Lane Bryant brand and cannot be distributed out of the Lane Bryant shops… Fortunately, we found things we liked among other brands, especially British!)

Follow Letizia on her blog Le blog de Letilor, on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, for more exciting looks and beauty reviews!


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