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Colours, quirk and sassy, a brillant fashion style and blog posts which make us want her as our BFF: I present to you Valérie, the blogger which writes since 2007 Blog to be alive. The beautiful Belgian talks about all kind of stuff on her blog: fashion, beauty, shopping places… She agreed to answer a few questions for Viksen!

Since when have you been writing your blog? What started it?

I used to be very active on the forum of a « plus-size » website, Vive les rondes. This website allowed its users to open a blog on its own platform, which I did. This was in 2006/2007. I used to spend a fair amount on time in the fashion categoriy of the forum, giving advice on how to buy nice stuff online. Online shopping was developping slowly and girls were quite cautious about it. They were looking for somebody’s review. I therefore started showing things I bought on my blog, giving advice, good adresses, etc. Then I left Vive les Rondes and bought my own blog name. Today, I think that the spirit of my blog has not changed. I still do it to share with people, and mainly to show that you can be curvy but have fun with fashion.

What did this blog change in your daily life and more globally?

I think that what I like the most is the contact with other bloggers and readers from all over the world. I recently had the opportunity to go to London for Plus London, an event organized by some plus size bloggers, which allowed us to meet each other, as well as to meet some brands. The third edition will take place in November 2013. There was also the Curvy Market in Paris, organized by Les Modeuses Rondes.

I’m not involved in many projects right now. I think I’m maybe not influent enough for that! 😉

If you had to pick your 3 favorite pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, what would they be?

It’s a difficult question because I’m not really attached to my clothes. My taste changes, I re-sell them regularly… So, for now, I’ll say:

– A biker leather-style jacket from H&M – it really has the perfect fit, well fitted, and it gives a little rock twist to a more preppy dress.

– A maxi dress with a galaxy pattern, which I really look forward to wearing this summer.

– A skirt with a comic book pattern which I found on Etsy.

How would you like to see the world of plus-size fashion evolve in the years to come? In terms of design, of sizes, of ways to purchase these products, of pieces of clothing which are for now how to find? 

I think that my dream would simply be to see fashion brands extend their range of sizes instead of just creating special collections for plus-size women. I believe that any young girl which goes to a shop would like to just dress like her friends, and not have to go to a other special place. I know it’s a bit utopic, but who knows, one day maybe!

Also, I regret that a lot of brands like New Look, Forever21, H&M etc, which target mainly young people, offer less and less often their plus-size range in store (at least in Belgium), only online.

Do you like lingerie? Do you buy it often? Do you consider it a pleasure or more a « duty »? 

I must say I’d rather buy fancy clothes than fancy lingerie. My underwears are of good quality, but I prefer basic pieces, in neutral colours like beige or black.

Have you had your measurements taken already? Do you usually feel at ease in your bras? 

No, I’ve never had my measurements taken. I think I found my right size as I feel fine in my bras.

What bra and bottom shapes do you prefer? 

I mainly buy Cacique bras, from the American brand Lane Bryant. They have padding. I also like their strapless version for the summer. For bottoms, brief without any hesitation!

Do you sometimes wear shaping lingerie?  

I sometimes wear a Spanx under dresses a bit more tight-fitting, but it’s not to look thinner, it’s just to make the dress fit better, without creases.

What is a good pair of tights in your opinion? 

A pair that goes all the way up to my waist! No, seriously, it’s not easy to find quality tights when you’re pretty tall and with large legs and tighs. I almost always wear dresses or skirts, so I wear tights or stockings for a good part of the year. I prefer black as my wardrobe is already pretty vivid!

Have you already tried on a corset?

No, never.

If you could design yourself three lingerie pieces, what would they be? 

– A « boyfriend »  pyjama: trousers like those on man pyjamas, but with a girlish pattern: flowers, hearts etc… And a tight-fitting top.

– A lingerie set with a galaxy print, because it’s kind of my obsession at the moment!

– Tights that are really made for curvy women.

This summer, will you be rocking a bikini or a one-piece suit? 

I’ll be wearing a one-piece, because it’s more convenient to swim!

What would like to see at Viksen in the future? 

There’s already a nice choice, but I’d maybe like to see more American brands for swimwear.

Thanks to Blog to be alive & Valérie!


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